New Year, New URLA

The GSEs have announced a new implementation timeline for the revised URLA. Here's what you need to know to be ready for the November 2020 required use date.

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Redesigned by the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) to provide consumers with a borrowing experience that facilitates greater efficiency and accuracy, the Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA)/Fannie Mae 1003 formplaced in a holding pattern earlier this year—received a new implementation timeline as of December 18.

The digital form will begin its full functionality testing period March 2020; however, lenders will not be required to use the interactive 1003 application form until November 1, 2020.

While newly scheduled dates and updated automated underwriting system (AUS) specifications have already been made available, the revised dynamic form is slated for release in Q1 2020 with the Spanish Translation Aid to follow suit in Q2 2020.

URLA Implementation Timeline

The new URLA start dates are as follows:

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  • March 9, 2020: Testing between vendors and GSEs
  • June 1, 2020: Limited Production pilot for select lenders/vendors (must demonstrate partner readiness and be pre-approved by Fannie Mae and/or Freddie Mac)
  • September 1, 2020: Open Production period (formerly referred to as Optional Use period)
  • November 1, 2020: Required use


BeSmartee is committed to supporting a smooth transition. As such, our team will continue to provide you with updates to help you successfully navigate the new URLA implementation process.

“The URLA is back on track with new dates. BeSmartee will be working diligently to be ready for testing March 2020, and for all lenders that want to start using the URLA as of September 1—the optional period,” said Corey Johnson, BeSmartee’s Chief Compliance Officer.

To learn more about how BeSmartee can aid in the transition, email