Lenders, Are You Ready to Achieve #Freedom2023

Mortgage lenders models do not scale and it’s time to change the path forward to freedom 2023.

mortgage lenders choose Freedom 2023

Introducing, #Freedom2023

The way most #mortgagelenders operate today does not scale. Period. If it did, lenders wouldn’t need to ramp up significant headcount when market demand is high, and lenders wouldn’t need to reduce even more headcount when the market declines.

Lenders should be #fedup that their business model does not scale. To this, we at BeSmartee are introducing #Freedom2023.

Put simply, #Freedom2023 is about using 2023 as the starting point to build a scalable revenue and cost model in your #mortgage business. It’s not just about #technology. It’s also about your #people, #process and #philosophy. It’ll require a commitment to execute over multiple years.

More specifically…

#Freedom2023 is a choice that only you as a #businessleader can make.

#Freedom2023 is peace of mind that you are in control of your business, that when demand is high you’ll scale and capture the opportunity, that when demand declines you won’t have to upend employee’s lives and downsize.

#Freedom2023 starts with a mindset that there are factors beyond your control (such as interest rates), but that there are factors completely within your control (such as process optimization), that there is no “perfect time”, that you can take control of your organization’s destiny and stop succumbing to this rollercoaster ride we call mortgage.

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#Freedom2023 follows through with a commitment to execution and accountability at your organization, that requires your leadership to set the direction, to define the outcomes you seek, to align the rocks up and down your organization, to measure what matters and hold your organization accountable.

#Freedom2023 is about challenging the “status quo” and “business as usual” mentality that exists at your company; to embrace new ways of doing business, to welcome automation, to combine the best of traditional-retail and direct-to-consumer, and to counter industry costs that now has risen for nine-consecutive quarters topping $11,000 per closed loan.

#Freedom2023 is about seizing the moment and capturing the many opportunities that come in down mortgage markets, not running scared, not just surviving and not idly waiting for conditions to suddenly become better.

To help achieve #Freedom2023, BeSmartee is here to support your business in two distinct ways:

  1. We are upping the ante with our new pricing model. We’re going “all in” on “all you can eat” subscription pricing to help you control and manage your OpEx. And yes, this applies to current BeSmartee customers as well!
  2. We are imploring you to invite us into your business as trusted advisors, leveraging our insights integrating with 135+ mortgage technologies and our expertise implementing $2T asset banks, mega non-bank lenders and small local broker shops.

#Freedom2023 is your why.

Regardless of whether BeSmartee is part of your own #Freedom2023 plan (we’d love it if we were), I encourage everyone to use the #Freedom2023 hashtag, share this post and spread this mindset to the betterment of you, your people and your industry.