HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., July 6, 2018—BeSmartee, which develops next-generation, loan origination platforms for lenders, is pleased to announce a new partnership with LoanFuel to support mortgage borrowers via mobile technology. This collaboration will allow mortgage clients to initiate loan applications, submit documents and receive updates on their mobile device or computer, enjoying a consistent experience between mobile and desktop.

Boston-based mobile platform designer LoanFuel created a mobile app, available for both Android and iPhone, which integrates with BeSmartee's technology, allowing borrowers to launch a mortgage loan from initial contact to initial disclosures. This streamlined process and combined technology include eSigning, appraisal payments, document collection for underwriting and more. Borrowers enjoy more tools and options for communicating with and submitting documents to their lender on mobile devices, and mortgage lenders can increase speed and efficiency while reducing costs.

"More and more customers want to receive data and information whenever and wherever they are. As these on-demand needs increase, partnerships like this will provide the options to meet those needs," said Arvin Sahakian, co-founder of BeSmartee. "By accommodating customer expectations for on-demand access, loans will close even faster as consumers enjoy an enhanced experience and up-to-the-minute information on their loan on their preferred device."

"This relationship demonstrates our commitment to evolve as an organization and offer consumers, loan officers and agents a consistent experience as they move back and forth from phone to computer. Our platform, expertise and technologies complement each other and set the bar for the overall lending experience," said Michael Kelleher, president of LoanFuel. "LoanFuel is always interested in leveraging technologies and relationships to make the loan experience more enjoyable. As an organization, we identified the need to offer a mobile POS and looked to partner with market leaders in this sector. BeSmartee has been an amazing addition to our list of third-party integrations."

The collaboration allows mortgage borrowers to submit underwriting documents and communicate with their loan officers using a preferred mobile device, in addition to a web browser, creating full transparency. Customers interested in a flexible and seamless experience can use the free app to initiate a first or subsequent mortgage.

LoanFuel is an initiative of Easy Mortgage Apps designed to help accelerate the lending process by offering a mobile solution.

About BeSmartee

Headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, BeSmartee develops next-generation origination platforms for lenders that are customized and licensed under a white-label. Utilizing big data, artificial intelligence and auto-population, BeSmartee's processes enable lenders to take customers from initial contact to underwriting in minutes, including a full application, credit report, asset/income documentation, eSigned/eDelivered disclosures and paid fees, all within the lender's branded experience. For more information, please visit