HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., September 4, 2018—BeSmartee® recently completed a direct integration into Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) system, advancing the lending process by saving time and enhancing underwriting capabilities. Fannie Mae, the leading source of financing for mortgage lenders, provides access to affordable mortgage financing. Its Desktop Underwriter tool offers lenders a comprehensive credit risk assessment that determines whether a loan meets Fannie Mae's eligibility requirements.

BeSmartee's direct integration into Fannie Mae enables lenders to use BeSmartee's point-of-sale platform to automatically submit borrower applications directly to Desktop Underwriter® to generate eligibility reports, accelerating the loan origination process for borrowers and loan officers while decreasing redundancies. This serves to advance operational efficiencies and risk management while delivering up-to-date loan information.

"We founded BeSmartee a decade ago based on three core principles, to make the lending process faster, easier, and more transparent. Incorporating an automated submission of borrower applications directly to Desktop Underwriter® is a key element in reinforcing those principles of what we sincerely believe is the industry's most advanced point-of-sale platform," said Arvin Sahakian, Co-Founder of BeSmartee®.

With its fully digital process, BeSmartee® can increase profitability and efficiencies for lenders while delivering convenience, ease of use and trust for your borrowers. Together, big data and artificial intelligence help borrowers to go from initial contact to underwriting in minutes.

About BeSmartee

Headquartered in Huntington Beach, Calif., BeSmartee® develops next-generation origination platforms for lenders that are customized and licensed under a white-label. Utilizing big data, artificial intelligence and auto-population, BeSmartee's processes enable lenders to take customers from initial contact to underwriting in minutes, including a full application, credit report, asset/income documentation, eSigned/eDelivered disclosures and paid fees, all within the lender's branded experience. For more information, please visit and contact