BeSmartee’s Women in Tech Scholarship Awardees Complete Mentorship Program

Women in Tech awardees talk about their experiences in the BeSmartee x LearningFuze mentorship program.

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BeSmartee, leading software provider and founder of modern digital mortgage platforms for financial institutions, is proud to congratulate the Women in Tech Scholarship awardees on their outstanding progress and successful completion of the mentorship program. The program, coordinated in partnership with LearningFuze development bootcamp and coding school, launched in September 2020 to encourage and support women pursuing careers in coding.

The scholarship awardees — Angel Leung and Yessenia Rodriguez — completed a 14-week intensive on the basics of web development. They were each paired with one of BeSmartee’s software developers to guide them through the entire program. Both BeSmartee mentors — Krystal Enojado and Matt Geller — are LearningFuze alumni themselves.

“I had never been a mentor before,” said Enojado. “I just remember being in her shoes, taking that same leap into a completely different industry, and appreciating any bit of information or guidance from anyone who had work experience as a developer. This program really helped me step out of my comfort zone, and allowed me to help another person go through the same experience I had years ago.”

Geller said he was impressed with the format of the program. “Being in a collaborative environment at bootcamp, yes, you work on your own projects and you’re responsible for your own work, but being able to collaborate with others — whether they are mentors, instructors or peers — is helpful because it’s quite similar to the experience found on the job. Some of the questions Yessenia brought up even inspired me to connect with mentors of my own,” he said.

The mentorship program, designed to further BeSmartee’s company values, encouraged:

  • Fearlessness
  • Commitment
  • Excellence
  • Selflessness

Geller cites being in a positive and collaborative environment at LearningFuze as being helpful in making more of a natural transition from bootcamp to BeSmartee’s culture of collaboration and selflessness.

The positive feedback from mentees was effusive. When asked about the most rewarding part of the program, Rodriguez said she was thrilled with how much she was able to learn within a week and that being able to talk to Matt about what she learned each week inspired her to want to be a mentor to women who are trying to break into the tech industry.

Leung called her mentee-mentor relationship with Enojado a personal connection that helped her navigate the transition from her healthcare background to software development, and even well into the job search.

“After having seen the hard work and commitment shown by Angel and Yessenia, I have immense respect for them and can’t wait to see the amazing things that they will do in the future,” said BeSmartee mentorship program leader and lead UX engineer Mark Martinez. “I am also happy to see the strong, lasting bonds that have formed between them and their mentors, and my hope is that they will continue to seek mentorship and give mentorship, as it is one of the keys to success in a development career.”

Watch the video to find out what the mentees had to say about the program.

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The Women in Tech Scholarship and Mentorship program is part of a key ongoing diversity and inclusion initiative backed by BeSmartee’s leadership.

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