Transforming Commercial Lending: FlashSpread’s Empowered Disruption

FlashSpread is transforming the commercial lending and fintech industries. Lenders and financial analysts used to drown in a sea of financial data stored in paper documents.

Automated Financial Statement Mastery: Power and Pitfalls Unveiled

FlashSpread is transforming the commercial lending and fintech industries. Lenders and financial analysts used to drown in a sea of financial data stored in paper documents. As a result, the underwriting process tended to be tedious and time-consuming.

These painstaking, manual processes are being turned upside down by FlashSpread’s automated financial spreading platform.

In this article, we take a closer look at:

  •         Who the platform is built for
  •         How FlashSpread’s technology works
  •         How commercial lenders and fintechs benefit
  •         Where to schedule a demo with FlashSpread

The FlashSpread platform was designed specifically for commercial lenders and fintech companies. Financial spreading has long been a process run mostly on paper. However, all of this is changing rapidly.

How Does FlashSpread Work?

FlashSpread uses next-generation technology known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). With OCR, the FlashSpread platform electronically captures data from borrowers’ financial documents such as tax returns.

It then transfers this data to your fintech platform so creditors can analyze the financial strength of businesses.

With FlashSpread, you simply upload scanned copies of tax returns into the platform and the data is extracted automatically. Additionally, FlashSpread uses proprietary algorithms to detect errors and omissions in the tax returns.

How Does FlashSpread Benefit Commercial Lending and Fintechs?

Commercial lenders and fintech companies are constantly processing and analyzing large volumes of financial data that can only be found on physical pieces of paper. But these antiquated processes are prone to human error and inefficiency. 

With FlashSpread, commercial lenders and fintechs can finally say goodbye to manual paper processing. Since there is less human involvement when FlashSpread is used, the potential for errors is greatly reduced. Additionally, commercial lenders and fintechs enjoy faster turnaround times and fewer staffing requirements.

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Faster turnaround times means customer satisfaction is significantly improved. And, since digital tax return data is readily available with FlashSpread, commercial lenders and fintechs don’t have to spend as much time searching through mountains of paper.

Lenders are able to make faster commercial lending decisions and business owners appreciate a shorter commercial lending process.

Spare Yourself the Trouble of Sifting Through Seas of Information 

As technologies for commercial lenders and fintech companies continue to evolve, underwriters are more motivated than ever to adopt FlashSpread’s automated financial spreading platform. The automation enabled by FashSpread’s ground-breaking OCR technology allows commercial lenders to make better commercial lending decisions and increase customer satisfaction.

Unlock the potential of your financial data with Flashspread, the cutting-edge platform that’s revolutionizing financial analysis and management. Whether you’re a commercial lender, a fintech company, or an individual seeking to make more informed financial decisions, Flashspread is your key to success.

Our user-friendly interface, real-time data syncing, and powerful data visualization tools empower you to analyze and interpret financial information with ease. With customizable charts, graphs, and pre-built templates, you can create dynamic reports and presentations that communicate your financial insights effectively.

The collaborative features of Flashspread enable teams to work seamlessly on the same financial data in real-time, streamlining productivity and enhancing communication. Plus, the platform’s adaptability and cloud-based accessibility mean that it can grow with your needs, ensuring that you have the tools required to excel in an ever-evolving financial landscape.

To experience the transformative capabilities of Flashspread, schedule a demo with one of our commercial lending or fintech specialists today. They’ll guide you through the platform’s features, demonstrate its value, and answer any questions you may have.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take your financial decision-making to the next level. Visit our website to schedule a demo and discover how Flashspread can become an invaluable asset in your financial tech stack. Your journey to smarter financial management starts here.