5 Tips to Be a Productive Mortgage Broker: Five Tips to Improve Your Efficiency

For mortgage brokers, it is easy to get bogged down with day-to-day tasks. Here are five tips to boost your productivity.

5 Tips to Be a Productive Mortgage Broker Blog

Have you ever gotten to the end of the day and wondered where the time went? Some days it can seem like you worked the entire day yet you have nothing to show for it.

Between working with clients, managing paperwork, marketing and connecting with lenders, it can be hard to keep up with the everyday tasks that come with being a mortgage broker. Being productive and efficient ensures that you can serve more clients, while still providing top-level service to each one.

A huge key to increased productivity is having structures and systems in place that can help streamline the entire process and maximize automation when possible. This frees up time for you and the mortgage broker to work with clients rather than spending your time doing other tasks.

Increasing productivity doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact, it is really simple. These five tips will increase productivity and efficiency, allowing you to process loans faster and work with more clients.

1. Embrace Video Conferencing

In the past year, video conferencing has become the norm. This is a good thing for mortgage brokers because in-person meetings are time-consuming and less efficient than video conferencing. Video conferencing is more efficient in a few key ways:

  • Saving time: your client can log in from anywhere, instantly, including from home or work. This means that you no longer have to wait for 15 minutes while your client looks for parking or is stuck in traffic.
  • Seamless document sharing: you can send documents directly in the meeting so your client can access them in real-time without jumbling around with the paperwork.
  • Recording capabilities: when you meet in person with a client or colleagues, it can be difficult to retain the entirety of a meeting. However, with video conferencing, you can record meetings and send them to participants, which allows them to go back and get clarifications as needed. As a bonus, you don’t have to spend time answering as many questions because the answers are all in the recorded meeting.

Having this increase in efficiency and productivity gives you the opportunity to meet with more clients than you would in a normal face-to-face situation, which allows you to close more loans.

As a bonus, video conferencing may also lead to higher customer satisfaction and referrals as well. When a client has to attend a face-to-face meeting they have to take extra time out of their day for driving to and from your office, they may even be taking personal time off to do this. With video conferencing, this wasted time can be eliminated or reduced, which will improve your client’s experience.

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2. Download a Social Media Management App

Having an up-to-date suite of social media accounts is critical for maintaining your brand identity and finding new leads. However, it also takes a lot of time and effort to post to different platforms throughout the day.

Downloading and using a social media management app can help you to save time and be more productive. With apps, like Hootsuite or Buffer, you can schedule content to be posted automatically to any platform of your choice, including LinkedIn. This frees up time during the day, while still allowing you to maintain a strong presence on all platforms.

3. Outsource Your Marketing

Effective marketing and copywriting are essential in generating leads for your brokerage. Many mortgage brokers attempt to do their marketing on their own, in-house. Effective marketing takes time and skill. Oftentimes, this task is best left to the professionals, especially when writing long-form content or long social media posts.

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By hiring a marketing contractor or agency, you can gain access to professionals who know what they are doing, but more importantly, you are saving time and increasing productivity. Most agencies have a team of writers who can create a large volume of quality content for you, quickly. By outsourcing your marketing you can free up time while also generating more leads than if you had done it yourself.

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4. Automate and Digitize When Possible

Having a completely digitized mortgage process is becoming the standard, and with good reason. Digitizing the process allows you to automate more, which means that you can be more productive. There are many areas that you can automate or digitize as a mortgage broker including:

  • Scheduling
  • Identity verification
  • Loan applications
  • Document signing
  • Document organization
  • Closing
  • Notarization (in states where eNotary is legal)

By digitizing and automating these processes, you can not only stay organized, but also process loans quicker to serve more clients.

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5. Partner Up With Tech Savvy Wholesale Lenders

As a mortgage broker you have to partner up with Wholesale lenders like United Wholesale Mortgage to process your loans. Most brokers select Wholesale Lenders that are easy to work with and have different loan products that can be offered to their customers. Here is what we mean. What do you look for in a Wholesale Lender?

  • They have great software that you can use or connect with.
  • Wholesale lenders have great pricing that you can offer you customers
  • Wholesale lenders are there to help you when you need it them the most
  • Wholesale Lenders have world class customer service that make you look good
  • Wholesale lenders know that your success is their success

So why does selecting a tech savvy wholesale lender make you productive?

For one, you don’t want to deal with a wholesale lender that is using outdated technology where your borrowers get frustrated because they have to send paper documents over and over again ultimately getting lost. You want a lender that is going to make it easy for you to process more loans and not be so deep in the manual process that you waste time and money.

Lastly, selecting a good wholesale lender partner also means that they have your best interest in mind. This also means that you both have to work together during good times and bad times. Some wholesale lenders will be honest with you when they cannot do a loan and will even refer you to another lender. It’s also important to remember that loyalty is key to keeping a successful and fruitful relationship.


Being a more productive mortgage broker is important if you want to scale your business and add more clients. By leveraging a few key technologies you can increase your leads, get more clients and make more money.

Whether you are a new mortgage broker or have years of experience, BeSmartee can help you increase your productivity, allowing you to process more loans quicker. See how others have increased their revenue with our BeSmartee TPO platform.