Fresh off the Demo: BeSmartee Mortgage POS Features

BeSmartee answers common digital Mortgage Point-of-Sale (POS) questions asked in live software demonstrations.

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In this demonstration, we spoke with the Executive Vice President and Project Manager of a national retail mortgage lender. Servicing borrowers since 1995, this lender closes an average of 1,000 loans per month.

Helping borrowers effortlessly navigate the complex mortgage process has always been a top priority for this lender, so migrating to a new technology platform that would be able to support a faster, easier and more transparent system is exactly why they reached out to us to see a demonstration of the BeSmartee Mortgage Point-of-Sale (POS).

Their intent is to utilize the Mortgage POS as a borrower-facing solution that will also streamline the loan officer experience—one that will enable them to collect an application from anywhere, at any time, and help facilitate their origination.

To help you in your search for the right technology partner, that fully meets your security and compliance requirements, we’ve gathered questions—asked and answered—in this particular demonstration. We hope that it will provide some insight into how BeSmartee’s POS platform can help you grow your mortgage business.

Q: Is it possible to enter a co-borrower’s information or would the borrower have to send their information to the co-borrower directly?

A: We can set this up with the option to share, offer limited access or completely secure the information. With the new URLA changes coming, however, each borrower must have their own respective loan application to complete. BeSmartee’s system is perfectly equipped to streamline this process for you, as the feature already exists.

Q: Is it easy to edit employment information? For example, if a borrower has recently changed jobs, but the data field is auto-populated with the borrower’s previous employment from our CRM or another system of record.

A: That is correct. Edits can be made easily, as needed. Users can override auto-populated data to edit any changes they desire. If lenders have a need to lock certain fields down to make the read-only, disabling the ability to edit we can also accommodate that.

Q: Is everything wet signed?

A: Everything is eSigned, with the ability to accomodate wet signatures by giving the user an action item to print the document, sign it, then upload it back into the system.The majority of our clients don’t get anything wet signed, unless required by certain companies due to compliance. However, we do have the ability to update this as a requirement in our Loan Dashboard.

  • Legal and compliance team may insist on wet signature
  • Investor may require a wet signature

Q: Is the platform configurable?

A: It is. Admin users will have extra tools to manage other users, branches, roles, etc. This is almost a demo into itself. Additionally, you can even manage some of the configurations available to you, such as creating a new workflow that includes or excludes a certain feature, such as an automated credit pull, without disturbing the original workflow. This can be done an unlimited number of times to support channel needs

Q: Does the platform show cash-to-close?

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A: Yes, this is a configuration. If there is anything to be shown, you can access it by clicking on “fees” then scrolling down to view what the borrowers out of pocket expenses are for this loan.

Q: Is there an option next to each loan product to invite a borrower to apply for that loan?

A: Yes, there is. Once the LO runs pricing using their PPE from within the BeSmartee MLO Command Center, they can compare loan products. The LO can then email a single loan to the borrower. Another option would be to select the loan and begin the process on behalf of your borrower, while communicating by phone.

Q: Will the borrower have access to pricing in the initial loan application?

A: Yes, but that can be turned off. What you saw was the most capable product, the “BeSmart” tier. You can scale it back for different channels. This is where the workflow variation and configuration tool comes into play and is a tool that is actually quite powerful.

Q: We would want the borrower to get through the bulk of the loan application without showing interest rates. We don’t want them to price their own loans and we don’t want to lose a borrower without having a conversation with them about the loan options first, but we do want the borrower to sign initial disclosures in the POS. Can you describe how this process can work with your POS?

A: The borrower will be able complete the application to then auto-run credit and import their bank statements before submitting the loan, then the loan officer can jump in from their MLO Command Center to choose an approved, eligible products, run AUS and push disclosures to the borrower portal for them to review and eSign. The borrower will get email and text message notifications to alert them that the documents are ready with a link to access their Dashboard. They’ll be guided to their dashboard using any device.

Q: If the borrower and LO work in BeSmartee, where do you draw the line between our LOS and BeSmartee’s POS?

A: The BeSmartee Mortgage POS is built to take care of all your needs up until the end of initial underwriting. The LO’s are typically locked out of the POS at that point—it becomes read only. Any changes would have to be made by back-office personnel, such as your processor within your system of record. Of course we can configure that differently for you, but we find this is the order in which many lenders choose to utilize the two systems.

Q: Is the platform co-branded with the real estate agent and LO?

A: Yes. Everything is web-based and can be co-branded. Using our workflow management tools, you could create a new workflow campaign with a specific real estate agent or external partner. Additionally, you can attach that agent’s or partner’s logo and headshot, with a tag to the URL, that includes the agent’s or partner’s name. That partner can save and text message it to a buyer in the future when they have a buyer that is looking to get approved for a mortgage..

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