10 Best Blogs for Banking Professionals

Here are the 10 best blogs for mortgage banking professionals for you to consider making part of your regular reading schedule.

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Banking professionals know that as the industry changes, they have to keep up with a great deal of information — from regulatory issues, to advances in software and technology, to insights into customer behavior.

What’s more, they need to be aware of emerging trends in criminal activities in order to better protect their organizations and customers.

Aside from attending financial conferences, how much time and attention do you allocate to staying on top of banking news about digital mortgage updates and mortgage technology trends as well as industry best practices?

A great way to stay informed is to read curated and organized content in the form of blog posts. Here’s a list of the 10 best blogs for banking professionals.

1. American Banker

American Banker offers blog posts on topics including leadership, policy and regulation, community banking and credit unions for the curious mortgage banker. It bills itself as “the essential resource for senior executives in banking and financial services, keeping its users updated on vital developments and focusing sharply on their most important concerns — innovation, transformation and disruption; technology, regulation and reform.”

Examples of recent posts include: “Banks Model Site Search Upgrades on Google,” “Underbanked Households Would Benefit from a Regulated Blockchain” and “Ruling in N.J. Proxy Fight Thwarts Bank’s Commercial Lending Ambitions.” The blog notes average reading times for each post in case you have just a limited break to catch up on the latest news.

2. ABA Banking Journal

Banking professionals peruse the ABA Banking Journal to stay on top of subjects including bank marketing, risk and compliance, and marketing digital tools. The blog is an adjunct to the magazine, which has been in publication since 1908, with a goal to offer new perspectives on business and policy issues.

Posts that have appeared in the ABA Banking Journal recently include “Banks, Sports Sponsorships and COVID: Three Ways to Win,” “How U.S. Banks Can Start Planning to Deliver Crypto Custody Services” and “About Face: Military Banks Offer Advice on Remote Customer Relationships.” Readers are professionals who lead projects and approve purchases for their financial institutions.

3. ATMmarketplace

ATMmarketplace has been providing industry news about the automatic teller machine industry since 1997, serving vendors as well as financial institutions that need to stay informed. A key component of financial institutions, ATM developments are something executives need to stay current on and this should prove to be a valuable resource for you and your colleagues.

Posts that ran recently include topics, such as “Consumer Bureau Examines Pandemic Impact On Credit,” “Keeping it Clean: Taking a Look at Sanitizing and Disinfecting Hard Surfaces,” and “Credit Card Fraud Is on the Rise — Are Your Customers Safe?” You’ll visit this blog for updates on banks and credit unions, how branches are changing, news on digital banking and software, security issues, and technology and innovation.

4. The Banker

The blog for The Banker, which is branded as providing global financial intelligence since 1926, is an excellent resource for all types of issues relating to bank transactions and the technology that undergirds their processing, including safety and security. The Banker describes its mission as to “stimulate and inform, offering an unparalleled outlook with a wide range of news, features, analysis and interviews, and in-depth coverage of all the key issues facing the financial sector.”

Readers regularly discover data on banking regulation and risk, transaction technologies, world news, market updates and commentary, plus industry leader profiles. Recent posts at The Banker include: “Coronavirus Creates Ideal Breeding Ground for Cybercrime,” “Crédit Agricole CIB Uses AI to Accelerate Data and Compliance Tasks” and “Build, Buy or Transform the Bank?”

5. Bank Innovation

Produced by Royal Media, and started in 2009, Bank Innovation focuses on content created to “recognize the coming wave of digital innovation — and disintermediation — in financial services, and has been at the forefront of tracking the evolution of digital banking ever since.”

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A great deal of coverage applies to artificial intelligence in developing new bank products and offering better customer service. Recent posts from Bank Innovation include topics such as “Weekly Wrap: Credit card customer satisfaction falls, and tech jobs move inland,” “Coronavirus and the State of Banking Innovation” and “How Open Banking Will Force Banks to Adopt the Cloud.”

6. CenterState

The CenterState blog is provided by an organization that declares, “Our business structure is designed to value the unique character of the communities we serve and to encourage decision making by the banker that is closest to the action.”

It’s meant for banking industry professionals who are interested in banking performance strategies and learning about tactics and insight. You’ll see updates on risk management and reports on bank leadership trends as well. Recent blog posts cover topics such as “Here is the Biggest Problem Banks Face with PPP Forgiveness Processing,” “How To Project Credit Quality In the Age of Covid-19” and “When Will Your Bank Start Using Chat and Chatbots?”

7. The Financial Brand

Founded in 2008, The Financial Brand describes its efforts as a “digital publication focused on marketing and strategy issues affecting retail banks and credit unions.” If you’re looking for a new mortgage industry blog to follow, this might be what you need. You’ll appreciate it as a resource for C-level banking executives in search of new ideas and information about branding for financial institutions. It produces a number of webinars of interest to bank professionals too, to supplement the articles.

Recent blog posts include “7 Essential Features Your Financial Institution’s Website Must Have,” “How to Protect Your Financial Brand’s Marketing Integrity and Compliance” and “Five ‘New Normal’ Imperatives for Retail Banking After COVID-19.”

8. Finovate

The team at Finovate have been attending banking events for 20 years now, and is known for the financial conferences it offers on a regular basis, in New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, London, Asia, Dubai and Cape Town, indicating the international perspective offered. If you’ve ever attended one of these events or have been meaning to take advantage of the networking opportunities and exposure to new information, you’ll probably also want to read the blog on a regular basis as well.

The thrust of coverage is on fintech, financial services and banking. Posts recently appearing in this blog include “August M&A Highlight Reel,” “NerdWallet Goes International with U.K. Know Your Money Acquisition” and “CryptoNumerics Acquired by Snowflake in $7.1 Million Deal.”

9. IBM RegTech Innovations

Chances are that you are at least somewhat familiar with industry giant IBM and its offerings, meaning that the blog it offers will be of some interest. Its RegTech Innovations blog dubs itself as being “at the center of the RegTech revolution,” with coverage on new and exciting software and technology issues.

You and your digital banking colleagues may be interested in learning more about compliance with regulatory technology or want to stay on top of the growth of financial crime statistics, giving you further motivation to follow this blog. Some recent topics covered by IBM in their blog include: “Powering digital compliant client lifecycle journeys with artificial intelligence,” “Announcing New Capabilities in Financial Crimes Insight for Claims Fraud 6.5.1” and “Payments Fraud Prevention in Times of Economic Uncertainty.”

10. NCR Story Hub Financial Services

Founded more than 130 years ago to help organizations connect and interact while completing customer transactions, NCR describes itself as a company that turns “everyday transactions into meaningful relationships.” The blog explores a lot of digital technology issues, with plenty of emphasis on bank technology. Topics that have been recently covered include: “8 Ways to Drive Adoption of Your Banking App,” “5 Trends Set to Shape Banking in 2020 and Beyond” and “Ensuring High Availability Works for Today’s Technology.”

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