Navigating Challenges, Driving Growth: Insights from the CEO

CEO and co-founder Tim Nguyen explores challenges, opportunities and upcoming innovations to drive growth and success.

Dear BeSmartee Clients:

As I reflect on 2023 there are two words that come to mind. The first is challenging.

I’ve been in mortgage and real estate ever since I left college early in my junior year of 2001. Through this 20+ year period I managed through the 2008 great recession and now the post-pandemic market we’re currently fighting through. In my humble opinion, this current market is more challenging than the 2008 great recession.

In 2023, I personally spoke to the owners, CEOs and executives of about half of our 150+ mortgage company clients. Some were bucking the trend and growing; while many were losing money each and every month on every loan closed.

To our clients, I say kudos for fighting through it all. For doing what you had to do to get to this point. For being leaders leading your organization through challenging times. You are the real heroes and stars of our communities. I truly believe that you will win the long game as a result. 

The second word that comes to mind is opportunity.

In 2023, BeSmartee’s product and technology budgets remained the same as we continued to invest. This strategic decision put tons of pressure on our organization, but I am sure it was the right thing to do. We believe that the best companies are made during bear markets where you cannot simply throw cheap money at problems, but instead outthink the next.

On March 18th of this year at the ICE Experience in Las Vegas we will be unveiling the following:

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  1. BeSmartee’s new company brand, which also includes a dramatically improved consumer experience for your borrowers; and
  2. BeSmartee’s new mobile app that streamlines your referral partner referrals right to your originators; and
  3. BeSmartee’s new “One Product” which takes our 1,200+ configurations and turns it into a best practice industry wide.

Additionally, throughout 2024 you will start hearing about our focus on V2 (a technical overhaul of our existing platforms) and our first “customer for life” designs using AI to help you retain your borrower relationships.


I want to thank every one of our clients for your continued support and trust in BeSmartee.

While 2024 will continue to be a battle, rest assured that you have partners at BeSmartee on this journey with you. It’ll be a better year because we’re fighters and we will make it so.


Tim Nguyen

CEO, BeSmartee