What Makes Us Different

BeSmartee is the first do-it-yourself mortgage marketplace.
We've eliminated the middleman and gave you their tools.

Feature BeSmartee Lending Tree
Compare Hundreds of Loans Yes No
Transparent Rates and Fees Yes No
See All Loans Yes No
Apply Online Yes No
Get Instantly Approved Yes No
Instant Approval Letter Yes No
Underwriting In 15 Minutes Yes No
Close Your Loan Online Yes No
Not a Lead Generator Yes No
Easily Shop & Switch Lenders Yes No
Receive Your FICO Credit Scores Yes No
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Compare Hundreds of Loans

Search anonymously and compare the rates and fees of hundreds of loans from different lenders at once, without ever giving up any personal information. Other websites only show you a handful of loan options.

Transparent Rates and Fees

You see real rates updated in real-time based on your search criteria, not just general teaser rates based on the best assumptions.

You'll also see your estimated total closing costs (including third-party and government fees). This way you see what your loan will cost upfront and won't be surprised when it's time to close. Other websites only show you some of the fees so it seems like your closing costs are lower than they really are.

See All Loans

See all loans available to you from all lenders and not just what's being presented to you. That's why you'll have hundreds of loans to choose from. When you can see all loans transparently, you'll be able to choose the best loan with the lowest rates and fees.

Apply Online

Apply for your loan online, anytime and anywhere. There's never a need for phone calls, emails or paper. Using our patent-pending technology, you'll be able to complete your loan application in about 10 minutes instead of hours.

Others websites allow you to start and answer some questions online, but then it's back to the old way of doing business over the phone and/or email.

Get Instantly Approved

Get an instant loan approval and know right away your chance of getting a loan. Instant loan approvals are based on a full loan application, a credit pull and are given by an automated underwriting system, subject to review of documentation, credit and underwriting.

Instant Approval Letter

If you're buying a new home, you can get an approval letter instantly and use it when submitting an offer to purchase. No need to wait days or weeks. Just search, apply and get your approval letter now.

Underwriting in 15 Minutes

From the moment you start your application, you can go to underwriting in as quick as 15 minutes. Don't wait days, weeks and in some cases months.

Close Your Loan Online

Close your loan without ever needing to talk to anyone. The process starts online and stays online. But, if you need help, you can choose to chat, email or call your loan officer anytime.

With other websites, you may start the process online, but then it's back to phone calls and emails. BeSmartee is a true online mortgage experience.

Not a Lead Generator

We're not an advertising platform and hence, your information is not sold to multiple lenders who will call and email you day and night. Your information is never sold to the highest bidder, and your personal information only goes to lenders who you choose. BeSmartee is a true do-it-yourself mortgage marketplace with all the tools you'll need to do your own loan.

Easily Shop & Switch Lenders

Because you're creating just one application that is accepted by all of BeSmartee's lenders, you'll be able to easily shop and move your application to a new lender for whatever reason you choose.

Normally, you'll use one application to apply with one lender, and if you want to shop with another lender, you'll need to create a new lona application for them. This makes it difficult to shop. But with BeSmartee, your one loan application is accepted by all lenders.

All BeSmartee have agreed upfront to release your appraisal if you switch from one lender to another lender on the BeSmartee platform. This saves you moeny from having to pay for a new appraisal with a new lender. Note that the appraiser or appraisal company may charge a small fee to update your appraisal.

Receive Your FICO Credit Scores

When you create your loan application using BeSmartee, your lender will need to run a tri-merge credit report from Experian, Transunion and Equifax. You'll receive your scores as soon as their available. You don't have to request it, it'll just be there for you. After all, it's your score!

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