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3 Silver Linings: A Deep Dive into 2022 Mortgage Origination

The last two years were a heady combination of meteoric success and anxiety to get it all done. The mortgage industry enjoyed unprecedented origination, with total volume (refinance and purchase money) soaring to over $4T in 2020 and squeaking in just below at $3.9T in 2021. Read More.

Creating a Better Lending Experience

Digital mortgage solutions help eliminate the friction involved in the lending process. Read More.

Will Mortgage Automation Replace Underwriters?

Automated underwriting has accelerated the lending cycle, but can these systems really replace underwriters? Read More.

Josephine Nesbit
May 24, 2022

Why Fully Automated Lending Shouldn't Replace Loan Officers

Technology has taken over the mortgage industry, but loan officers offer more value than machines are capable of providing on their own. Read More.

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