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Top 10 Credit Union Mortgage Loan Originators in 2021

Credit union mortgage origination volumes hit record-highs throughout 2021. What do these top-performing credit unions have in common? A robust digital mortgage tech stack. Read More.

Your Guide to Modern Mortgage Lending

In the last decade, the home buying process has become more efficient and user-friendly. When considering changes to your mortgage broker business, three principles should guide your decision. Read More.

Edward Matthews
December 14, 2021

A Mortgage Loan Officer’s Guide to Success: Pairing Tech With Human Touch

Is mortgage tech too impersonal? How loan officers can use technology as a tool to create a personalized customer experience. Read More.

BeSmartee Announces an Integration with LodeStar Software Solutions to Increase the Accuracy of Fees

The partnership will significantly improve the mortgage fee-quoting process for lenders through the BeSmartee Mortgage POS. Read More.

How To Find the Right Mortgage POS Partner For Innovation

Having a seamless, automated mortgage POS system is critical to providing your clients with a great mortgage lending experience. When looking for the right mortgage POS partner for innovation, there are three things that you need to consider. Read More.

Edward Matthews
November 30, 2021
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