Safe & Secure

Bank Level Security

BeSmartee is integrated with and trusted by mortgage lenders, banks and some of the world's largest financial service providers. That's because we use the same 128-bit SSL encryption and security standards your bank uses, and we're monitored by third-party experts such as DigiCert.

All Eyes On Us

Our lenders and banks are required by law to properly verify and vet the companies they do business with. This means that we're constantly being tested and watched. In addition, we work with some of the worlds largest financial data and service providers who also verify and vet our security and business practices.

Strict Internal Security Protocols

The people with the easiest access to your data are the employees who work for the company. That's why we have strict internal policies and procedures that only allow people on a need-to-know basis to have access to certain information. We limit and carefully monitor all employees who have access to sensitive code and data. Protecting your data starts on the inside first.

We Hack Ourselves

We're constantly hacking ourselves to ensure our security standards are strong enough to stand-up to would be hackers. This way we're one step ahead of the bad guys to keep your data safe and secure.