Our Lenders

We're constantly adding new lenders every month. We also remove lenders who fail to operate ethically and with competence. Here are some of the lenders who we've selected.

Southwest Direct Mortgage
Southwest Direct Mortgage is a lender with offices in Arizona and California. The founders of the company are a husband and wife duo and a longtime family friend. It doesn't get more family than that. They pride themselves on serving borrowers to deliver the highest level of service and quality. In the last 10 years they've made nearly $1 billion in loans.
Mortgage NOW
Based out of New Jersey, Mortgage NOW is a seasoned mortgage banker with the ability to close loans super fast in the five states they do business in. They make more than half billion in loans annually.
South Pacific Financial
They're one of the fasted growing lenders on the west coast. With offices in more than 10 states, South Pacific Financial not only is a mortgage lender, but they also service many of their own loans, allowing them to offer unique loan programs. They make about $1 billion in loans annually.

All Lenders Are Verified & Vetted

Before any lender can participate on the BeSmartee platform, we verify their licensing and good standing with all local, state and federal government agencies. In addition, they must utilize the latest technology, have high customer service ratings, operate competently, and must be honest and transparent.

Bottom line, these are lenders who we would use ourselves for our own mortgage needs. Lenders cannot pay to be on the platform. They must be invited/apply and be approved.