How It Works

The Steps in Detail

1. Search for Loans

Start by searching for loans without giving up any personal information. You'll provide preliminary loan information, such as your desired loan amount, where you're buying (or refinancing) and your income information.

In return, you'll see all the loans our lenders have for you. Nothing is ever hidden. Filter and sort by rates, fees and more. And unlike other websites who only show you some of the fees, we show you all of your total closing costs (including third-party costs) upfront.

Total time: up to you

2. Create Your Application

After you've searched hundreds of loans and choose the one loan you want, it's time to create your loan application. Using our patent-pending technology you'll complete your loan application in minutes instead of hours. Be prepared to import information and verify the information for a complete and accurate loan application.

And don't worry about doing anything wrong. Our software will catch most errors and your lender will assign a licensed loan officer to monitor your file and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Total time: about 10 minutes

3. Get Instantly Approved

Once your loan application is complete, you'll submit it to the lender you choose and in seconds you'll receive an answer. You'll either be instantly approved, or in some cases your loan will be escalated to your loan officer for review.

If you're buying a new home, you'll also receive an Approval Letter instantly that you can use when making an offer on your home purchase.

Total time: seconds

4. Go To Underwriting

Now, it's time to go to underwriting. First, you'll need to create and sign your Initial Disclosures. These are documents that all lenders are required by law to send to you within three days of receiving your loan application. Lenders cannot proceed with your loan without your written acknowledgement. That's why you'll need to sign them.

This usually takes up to a week, but at BeSmartee you'll receive your Initial Disclosures in seconds and be able to sign them electronically in your browser.

Lastly, you'll need to pay for an appraisal. Because the appraisal process is a manual site inspection, this is ordered upfront to keep things moving along. You pay for it and you'll receive a copy of your appraisal as soon as it's done.

Total time: about 10 minutes

5. Close Your Loan

Once you're in underwriting you'll be requested to provide documents, such as your tax returns or pay stubs. An underwriter at your lender will review your file and if everything looks good, issue you a final approval and send your loan to closing.

Total time: about 7 days (after you submit your documents)

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