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Zoom into the future with BeSmartee's Smart Mortgage. Have your borrower complete a 1003, receive an instant approval, sign initial disclosures, pay for an appraisal and enter underwriting in 20 minutes. Lower your loan production costs by more than 50%!

True Online Consumer Experience



Our patent pending process helps your borrower complete an electronic 1003 in less than 5 minutes. Save time and increase conversions.



Give your borrowers an instant approval, have them sign your initial disclosures, pay for an appraisal, and enter underwriting in 20 minutes.



Review documentation, underwrite and give your borrower a true online closing experience that works with your normal work-flow.

The Secret Sauce

It's our patent pending process which aggregates big data. Our process then intelligently merges that data together to produce an electronic 1003 in seconds. Similar to a tri-merge credit report, we call it our 1003 Merge.

Patent Pending 1003 Merge

This reduces the time a borrower takes to complete an application from 30 minutes down to just a few minutes.

Conversion is the Difference

A slick new shiny tool, if not used properly, could actually cost you loans instead of helping you close loans. We're mortgage people just like you, so we've built the tool we would use if we were back originating loans again.

Conversion Funnel

We combine our origination experience with big data to produce results:

  • Hands-On Support
  • Crowdsourced Improvements
  • A/B Split Testing
  • User Behavior

Blue Ocean of Opportunity

Where you do business today is competitive and bloody.

Go after the blue ocean where your competitors are irrelevant.

Let us show you how.

Your information is always private.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now."
– Old Chinese Proverb