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Ultimate Sellers To-Do Checklist

By Veronica Nguyen · Oct 12, 2016 · Real Estate

Ultimate Sellers To-Do Checklist

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Use this seller's to-do list if you're planning to sell your home and move to a new place.

Selling your home and moving to a brand new place can be a stressful process. We have made a checklist of the things you need to get done before selling your home as well as asking you some provoking question you think to think about before selling your home, and finally a checklist to help you move to a your new place. With these sellers ‘checklists you'll be able to plan accordingly and make you're selling and moving experience easier.

Before Selling Your Home Checklist:

☐ Rooms

Clear/Remove all the clutter in rooms as much as possible to show the space of the home .

☐ Kitchen

Put away all appliances that clutter the kitchen.

☐ Living Room

Remove any old and/or dirty furniture.

☐ Bathrooms

Make sure the house is dust free and clean which includes scrubbing those bathrooms and polishing floors.

☐ Porch

Remove any items you have on the porch, clean it and place a few outdoor plants in their place.

☐ Landscape

Make sure the homes exterior looks appealing since it is the first thing people see.

☐ Faucets

Replace or fix any faucets that are old and leak water.

☐ Kitchen Cabinet

Clean your cabinets or paint them to make them look newer and more appealing .

☐ Additions

If you made additions to the home make sure you have all permits ready to show the buyers.

☐ Repairs

Hire an inspector to find out if you have any major and minor repairs that you need to pay for.

☐ Clean

Hire a professional house cleaner to do a deep cleaning of the home.

☐ Carpet

Replace the carpet if is too old or have it professionally cleaned.

☐ Flooring

Check the flooring for any cracks and creaks, and repairs them is possible.

☐ Hardwood

Recoat the hardwood to give a clean new finish if it is worn down. At the very least you should polish the floors.

☐ Yard

Be sure the landscaping looks appealing by removing dead leaves, shrubs, plans and mowing the lawn.

☐ Lights

Check all lights and replace any light that flickers or is burned out completely.

☐ Walls

Paint over any chipped or cracked painted areas.

☐ Wallpaper

Remove any wall paper and paint in the rooms if they are not a neutral color.

☐ Holes and crack

Fix any holes and cracks on the ceiling and walls .

☐ Mold and Mildew

Hire someone to check for mold and mildew.

☐ Pet order

If you have pets, make sure to remove any pet stains and odors.

☐ Hire a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent will be able to list the home for you, show the home to buyers and negotiate the contracts.

☐ Price the home

Price the home with your real estate agent to get offers quickly .

Once your homes is completely ready to be put on the market do a walk through to make sure every room is warm and inviting.

Questions to ask yourself before selling your home:

Selling your home can be a big decision for some people and making sure all your questions have been answer so you don't have doubts about selling or simply to help you prepare to move to a new place.

1. Where will I move once my home is sold?

2. What's my timeline to prepare the home for sale?

3. What's my mortgage payoff balance?

4. Do I need to stage the home?

5. What are comparable homes selling for?

6. Do I have all the paperwork for my real estate agent to review?

7. How much money will it cost me to sell my home?

8. Is this the right time to sell?

9. Do I need to buy a new home right away?

10. How much home can I afford?

11. Will I need a down payment?

12. How big of a house do I want?

To-Do Checklist Before Moving:

Once your house is sold you need to prepare yourself for moving day and if you plan it at least 4 weeks before your move you will be less stress.

☐ Sort your must-have items, donating and/or selling the unwanted items

☐ Set aside expensive items into a safe place (jewelry, art and cash)

☐ Sell unwanted items by having a garage sale

☐ Decide how many boxes you will need to buy

☐ Buy moving supplies and boxes (get wardrobe boxes for your clothes)

☐ Start packing (if you have children hire a nanny or packing professional)

☐ Label each package

☐ Set a date to turn-off utilities (phone, gas, water, electric, trash/sewer, and cable/internet).

☐ Clean out refrigerator, cabinets, and garage (start eating or donating food you have in a pantry)

☐ Contact your DMV and local post office to change address

☐ Contact your insurance agency if your moving to another state to make your cover

☐ Call your doctor to get any prescriptions

☐ Arrange for new utilities to be turned on

☐ Gather all your important documents and keep them in one place

☐ Count all packages and boxes

☐ Get at least 3 quotes to compare moving companies prices

☐ Hire a moving company. If your moving yourself get a moving truck

☐ Plan to take the day off of work

☐ Confirm moving times with moving company

☐ If moving out of state, sort out traveling arrangements and service your vehicles.

☐ If moving with pets, plan on making traveling arrangements

☐ Have the house cleaned

☐ Give the house one more last walk thru to make sure you don't leave things behind

Move-In To-Do Checklist:

Now that you have moved-in to your new place you have a lot to organize to make the house feel like your home. Unpacking and arranging furniture it's just some of those things you need to get done. Use this checklist to get you situated in your new home.

☐ Save all documentations from the sale of the home

☐ Send Change-of address notices wherever necessary

☐ Inspect your new place

☐ Verify all your boxes and check for any damage items

☐ Unpack

☐ Organize

☐ Clean

☐ Check that to make sure all fire detectors work

☐ If you don't have a fire extinguishers get one or two

☐ Familiarized yourself with the functions of the home

☐ Register kids to school

☐ Introduce yourself to the new neighbors

☐ Familiarize yourself with local shops , grocery stores and restaurants

☐ Change the locks if necessary

☐ Make extra key copies if necessary

☐ Have a housewarming party!

Bottom Line

Selling your home and moving can be stressful so having a checklist to plan ahead will help you get organized. We hope these checklists makes your home selling and moving experience easier.

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