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Obsession for a Purpose

By Tim Nguyen · Mar 10, 2015 · Our Journey

Obsession for a Purpose

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BeSmartee is here to reinvent the mortgage industry and make it easy and transparent for you to get a home loan online anytime.

For us here at BeSmartee, obsession is the raw combination of love, passion and purpose all rolled into one. It's the only word we could think of that best describes how we feel about our mission to reinvent the mortgage industry.

What started out as love has grown new emotions named passion and purpose.

Passion drives you each day, begging for you to wake up just a little earlier and to stay a little later. But, while passion may push you to work harder each day, it is purpose which guides you to work harder for a lifetime. Purpose gives you the reason to exist. Each day at BeSmartee we learn more about our purpose and we'd like to share that with you.

Mortgage Regulation

The mortgage industry is measured in trillions, and being such a large market the government regulates it as such. Mortgage lenders must answer to approximately 15 different agencies and/or acts on a daily basis. Here are just a few examples:

And that's not even mentioning state level licensing requirements and rules.

Now, we're not here to complain. The point is, the public and government have deemed this legislation necessary and so it is. These are the rules we must play by while trying to innovate.

We believe that innovation and regulation does not have to exist as opposites. Combined as one, innovation and regulation works together to deliver a safe and exceptional user experience.

Mortgage Technology

The mortgage industry relies on technology platforms and standards which have been proven and scalable for decades over tens of millions of transactions. These platforms are good, but they are old and not built to be collaborative as other newer internet platforms are.

This makes innovation a challenge that we've leaved to embrace. Innovation in the mortgage industry doesn't come via guns blazing with a "I know better" attitude. Innovation comes in steps. Francis of Assisi puts it best,

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

At BeSmartee we've taken Francis of Assisi's advice to heart. Since starting to develop BeSmartee nearly a year ago we've learned to work with existing systems, help improve the industry and yet still keep an eye on making home loans easy and transparent.

Mortgage Lenders

We've selected five mortgage lenders who will participate on the BeSmartee platform. These are the lenders who you will be searching for hundreds of loans from, and who you'll be applying with to close your loan, entirely online.

Without their trust and commitment none of this would be possible. BeSmartee is here to help mortgage lenders find a new, more cost effective way to help borrowers achieve their goal of home ownership.

We're Launching Soon

As we enter the home stretch, all focus is on completing BeSmartee so we may share our vision for a new mortgage marketplace with you. One that puts you in control. One that allows you to easily search for and apply to any lender so you can find the best home loan with confidence.

Thanks for reading all the way through, and be rest assured your support adds to our obsession.


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