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How These 5 Real Estate Tech Companies Can Improve Your Experience

By Laura Agadoni · Nov 27, 2016 · Technology

How These 5 Real Estate Tech Companies Can Improve Your Experience

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The goal of many real estate tech companies is to tailor products for consumers that will improve customer experience. But with so many real estate tech companies entering the marketplace, it can be overwhelming to know just what's out there. We've highlighted five real estate technology companies for you.

Real estate tech companies are popping up at lightning speed thanks to advances and innovations in technology.

The goal of many real estate tech companies is to tailor products for consumers that will improve customer experience. But with so many real estate tech companies entering the marketplace, it can be overwhelming to know just what's out there. We've highlighted five real estate technology companies for you.

1. HomeLight


What does HomeLight do?

HomeLight helps both homebuyers and home sellers in all major cities across the United States find the best real estate agent for them. ''We use data analysis to match people with the perfect real estate agent for their home,'' says Matthew Proctor, content marketing manager for HomeLight. ''If they're selling a home, we can compare real estate agents by their historical transactions and match the customer with an agent who has proven expertise in their area, proven expertise in selling homes like theirs, and is more likely to sell the home faster and earn more money for the client.''

How does HomeLight technology help consumers?

''It's easy to find a real estate agent, but finding a good one is notoriously difficult,'' says Proctor. ''Our technology simplifies the process, at absolutely no cost to the consumer. We provide free and objective recommendations based on our analysis, and the customer is instantly matched with a top real estate agent who has a proven track record of success.''

What makes HomeLight different?

''HomeLight is different in the way we match customers with the best agents. Most other services will show you real estate agents that pay to advertise on the site, or they match them based on how little a commission the agent will take. They don't care if the agent is any good,'' says Proctor. ''We match based on the skills and performance of the agents, backed by historical housing transaction data. Unlike other services where agents can pay more for better placement, there's no way for an agent to influence our recommendations, aside from doing above average work on a regular basis.''

What else should consumers know about HomeLight?

''On top of our core product, we also create resources for sellers that bring the knowledge and expertise of America's top real estate agents to them,'' says Proctor. ''We regularly publish seller guides, advice from top real estate agents around the country, and data-driven insights into the real estate market on our blog. We also build tools like our Home Value Estimator to help give sellers as much information about their home as we can.''

2. HomeZada


What does HomeZada do?

HomeZada allows you to manage all the data about your home digitally. ''HomeZada is an innovative digital home management platform that helps consumers save money, improve value, and be better organized regarding their largest financial asset,'' says John Bodrozic, co-founder of HomeZada. ''It is a personal finance solution that is dedicated to various aspects of managing, maintaining, improving, and marketing your home for sale.''

How does HomeZada technology help consumers?

''HomeZada is the first platform that combines multiple apps, content, and data to help manage home maintenance schedules and tasks, home remodel projects, home inventory and property documents, and home financial dashboards,'' says Bodrozic.

What make HomeZada different?

''Users of HomeZada can create an online digital brochure of their home where they can share unlimited photos and documents about the house as a way of differentiating their house when it is for sale,'' says Bodrozic.

What else should consumers know about HomeZada?

''The buyer of the home can inherit an electronic, digital history of the home so they can manage the home moving forward,'' says Bodrozic.

3. Movoto


What does Movoto do?

Movoto is a full-service real estate brokerage that allows consumers to navigate real estate listings by themselves or with the help of an agent. ''We specialize in helping homebuyers and sellers search for homes and research their local markets,'' says Max Diez, director of broker operations for Movoto. ''We then connect [homebuyers and sellers] with licensed real estate agents and brokers when they're ready to take the next step.''

How does Movoto technology help consumers?

''We use [aggregated] data from multiple sources, such as over 120 multiple listing services (MLS) for listings, GreatSchools for school data, and others,'' says Diez. ''We use this data to provide visitors with market statistics for their locale and create a user experience that enables them to get the information they want, when they want it. For example, we've done several user studies to see what mattered the most to buyers when they were searching, and we have tailored our experience to ensure the most relevant information is categorized and easy to access in our app, website, and mobile views.''

What makes Movoto different?

''What sets us apart is that Movoto is the only major online brokerage that is licensed in all 50 states,'' says Diez. ''With over 10 million monthly visitors and listings updated every five minutes, we're the most complete place for buyers to find homes.''

What else should consumers know about Movoto?

''Our goal was to create an experience that allowed users to just rely on Movoto for fresh listing information as opposed to bouncing around multiple sites to compare data,'' says Diez.

4. ListingDoor


What does ListingDoor do?

ListingDoor provides consumers with all the tools they need to sell and market their home for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) without using a real estate agent. ''Our goal is to simplify the intimidating process of selling your own home,'' says Sissy Lappin, co-founder of ListingDoor.

How does ListingDoor technology help consumers?

''We want the homeowner to have a great presentation of their home with tools that not only rival a real estate firm, but are better,'' says Lappin. ''Everything with ListingDoor is 100 percent customized to showcase the home — sign, brochure, mobile-friendly website — not promote a real estate firm.''

What makes ListingDoor different?

''Our goal was to create a program that took FSBO selling and broke it down into actionable steps so anyone would succeed, even if they had never sold a home,'' says Lappin.

What else should consumers know about ListingDoor?

''There is such a change in our culture, and there are now easy solutions to what used to be complex problems,'' says Lappin. ''Instead of calling them disrupters, we refer to them as ‘the troublemakers.'''

Stockbroker: E-Trade

CPA: TurboTax

Lawyers: LegalZoom

Insurance: Esurance

Cars: Autotrader

Real Estate (FSBO): ListingDoor

5. Adwerx


What does Adwerx do?

Adwerx is an online advertising company for real estate professionals. ''Adwerx is a digital advertising company that helps real estate agents promote their brand all across the web, on Facebook, and on mobile sites with just a few clicks,'' says Danielle Vincent of Adwerx.

How does Adwerx technology help consumers?

''The technology we use is something that isn't out there for agents,'' says Vincent. ''Agents could run Facebook ad campaigns and use Google AdWords, but we combine all of those ad networks in addition to running their ad on sites like CNN, ESPN, and anything their ideal consumer is going to through ZIP code targeting and keyword search. We also give agents a retargeting pixel they put on their website, which will then advertise to anyone who reaches their website.''

What makes Adwerx different?

''Our company is different because of what we offer and by how we treat our customers,'' says Vincent. ''Our customer success reps are ready anytime to take questions from consumers, and we provide helpful webinars, blogs, and real estate industry information for free.''

What else should consumers know about Adwerx?

''We're special because our product helps real estate agents run internet ads, and we truly care about the consumer,'' says Vincent. ''We want them to succeed just as much as we want our company to succeed.''

The Wrap Up

Whether you're buying or selling a home, or whether you're a real estate agent or professional, there's probably a real estate tech company out there to meet your needs. Try out one of the above, or ask the same or similar questions about a real estate tech company you're considering using.

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