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5 Realtor Tips to Get Your Offer Accepted Right Away

By Today's Guest Contributor · Nov 2, 2016 · Real Estate

5 Realtor Tips to Get Your Offer Accepted Right Away

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When you find your dream home, stay calm and remember the following realtor tips to get your offer accepted faster.

The most seasoned buyers still find the process of house hunting to be daunting and stressful-much less someone doing it for the first time, with big hopes and minimal experience. What's worse is finding a home you love and putting in an offer only to have it rejected.

But don't accept defeat before you've even started. When you find your dream home, stay calm and remember the following realtor tips to get your offer accepted faster.

#1. Hire a Buyer Agent

For most people, buying a home is the biggest purchase they'll ever make. With the success of new websites such as Zillow and Trulia, finding quality listings and narrowing down your search is easier than ever. Many people argue that real estate agents are becoming a thing of the past, but in order to be considered a serious prospect for buying someone's home, you might want to think again.

Ken Deshaies , EcoBroker and author, explains, ''For the same reason you want an attorney on your side in court, using a real estate buyer agent tends to level the playing field. Purchasing real estate on your own puts you at the mercy of the seller's agent and seller.''

Get your offer accepted: Having an expert on your side can help guide you, allowing you to make a smart offer that's enticing to the seller.

#2. Build a Relationship

Most sellers have an emotional connection to their homes, and considering their love for the house can take you a long way. People don't want to part ways with their house if they believe the new owners don't care about them or the that means so much to them-just like you wouldn't want to give away your most prized possessions to just anyone.

Get your offer accepted: If you want your offer to get accepted right away, go above and beyond the other potential buyers to show what it would mean to you; write a letter, share photos of your family and empathize with the potentially life-altering move that the sellers are making.

#3. Set a Time Limit

The seller wants to get rid of the home, and if they haven't had many offers, they may be desperate to make a decision and move on. This gives you, the buyer, an upper hand that can be made more effective with one simple tactic: a time limit.

Paul Moore, founder of Smith Mountain Homes, advises, ''Always place a time limit on your offer, such as 12-24 hours so that the seller is encouraged to make a quick decision and they don't sit on your offer.''

Get your offer accepted: Encourage sellers to consider and accept your offer quickly by setting a time limit. This makes the process faster for both sides, which the sellers will likely appreciate as well.

#4. Motivate the Seller

Sometimes the seller needs a little extra to accept your offer. Moore sweetened the deal in a case of two perfect homes, and his buyer had their first offer accepted right away.

He explains, ''We offered only $1.76 million (on a $2 million listing), with a 24-hour time limit until we would move on. Surprisingly, the offer was accepted hours later without one change. It helped that we offered all cash, no inspections, and closing in under a week.''

The best way to decide how you can motivate the seller is by knowing what their mindset is-in the case of Moore's story, the seller was ready to move on. A good deal, with a few options to sweeten the pot, was all they needed to say yes right away.

Get your offer accepted: Your agent can help you anticipate the seller's mindset and motivate them to accept your offer; if you don't have an agent, make it a priority to talk with the seller so you can determine that for yourself.

#5. Don't Talk Bad About the House

In addition to establishing a good relationship with the seller, make sure you don't say things that could change their mind: ''When you're viewing the house, if the seller is present, refrain from talking about your grand renovation plans or insulting any aspects of the current condition of the house,'' says Marc Takacs, real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty.

Always keep your negative comments to a minimum to avoid offending the homeowners. Be sure any feedback you give is considerate, nice and positive, ensuring that you don't sabotage a potential offer down the road.

Get your offer accepted: The current homeowners don't need to know how small you think the second bathroom is, or that the backyard is in need of a complete re-do. Keep any negative comments to yourself for a quick offer acceptance.

Jessica Thiefels has been writing for more than 10 years and has five years of experience in the marketing world. She is currently a lifestyle blogger and has written for Ms. Career Girl, Inman, and and Reader's Digest. Follow her on Twitter @Jlsander07 .

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